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“Time is an abstract entity”.

We are not experiencing time itself but through its byproducts.

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4:46 4:58 5:05 is a small-scale glass installation, depicting the poetic aspect of time passing. It features 8 pieces of clear glass with hand-etched patterns, placed on a base made by wood. It is a continued version of my earlier work Time: 4:46 4:58 5:05, which can be found here. The patterns on each layer of glass resemble fragments of shadow created by natural sunlight. They form an abstraction of the movement of shadow as I captured during a specific time -- from 4:46 to 4:58, to 5:05 -- as they are lined up vertically, showing my belief that time is not just a set of numbers but also observations of changes on its byproducts. It interacts with lights as it projects the shadow on the background when the light is on. The shadow is different with different light sources and motions, recreating my observations of light and shadow within the frames of time.

*Specifications: 5’’ * 7’’ each piece of glass, with 8 pieces of glass in total;

Keywords: poetic, figurative, sculptural, installation, experimental, abstract, time, shadow, observation, sequence, movement, reflection, analog

The Patterns




The final piece features 8 pieces of Glass as a base of the hand etching patterns. The choice is determined out of experiments with many other transparent materials such as acrylic board, transparent film and mylar (semi-transparent). Among them, the glass has the best that let the light go through each layer, creating the most ideal visual effect. It works perfectly with the chemical etching.


The Chemical Etching cream provides an even quality on the glass surface. The liquid texture enables me to have more control on the edges, giving a lot more preciseness than scratching on the acrylic board (considered in other iterations). The result is shown above. The graphic parts became totally untransparent that creates the pattern of light and shadow on the background when the light is on.