Memory Assistance in 2035

Speculative Design, Group: Sherry & Justie, 2019

This is a project created by a group of two people.


In 2053, people are having overloaded information to receive everyday. It takes us 10 hours per day on average to process this information.


A company called The Grand Bio-tech company developed a brand new technology that enables people to upload documents into chips in people's brains. Users are able to immediately understand those documents in chip.


We are now living in a society filled with information explosion, which requires us to deal with information in an efficient way. In the future, it is likely that human would face problems of memory limitation and find a hard time in memorizing things.

This product aims to augment human's memory by shortening people's reading & comprehension process and saving memory into a chip. We designed a wearable artifact as an intervention, in this speculative world.

Persona & Ecological Circle


Car Sales|25|Single|High School| NYC


Stay at home a lot

No social life outside of working

A few friends

Far away from his family


One day he was nearly fired by his boss because he didn't have much knowledge to communicate with clients.


Finally he decided to take this surgery that installs the memory chip in his brain.

He researched a lot of information about his clients online and uploaded into the drive.

On the next day, he had a dinner with a client and he pulled up information about that client through the cloud.


As a result, he had a great time with him. The client decided to sign the contract and became a good friend with him.

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 1.12.12 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 12.48.05

Lawyer|45|Divorced|Have 3 children|London


Enjoy in talking and working

Wants to be a famous lawyer


One day she encountered an accident because she was focusing on memorizing the materials of a case too much while walking across the street.

She lost some of her memory.

Since she is pretty old already, it is hard to recover and memorize again but she is still very good at defending. 

She felt so painful for not being able to work, so she decided to take the surgery that instals a memory chip into her brain, and saved all the related materials in the chip.


Finally, she came back to the court and  became a successful lawyer.






In year 2050, the Grand Memory Assistance from the Grand Bio Tech Company go into the market and receive a high reputation. The whole service contains a implant surgery in your brain with the memory chip, a controller, a user guide booklet, and a life-long member service.

Memory Assistance enables you to read and understand documents in your chip in one second after you uploaded them from any electronic device. There is a storage limit of the chip so that you are able to move documents you don't need to the cloud with the controller.


When you activate the controller, there will be a screen projected in front of  your eyes and you can navigate the interface by rolling your eyeballs. With this product, you will no longer need to memorize a large amount of documents and information yourself so that you are able to focus on strengthen skills of processing and applying knowledge into practice.

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 1.08.33 PM.png

User Guide 

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 1.10.16 PM.png

The Navigation Interface


Start by tapping the button

Roll your eyeballs to navigate the interface

Blinking your eyes, it will go to the next page

Use your voice to type in the screen


Future Iteration

1. We can make the controller customizable and enable customer to design their own products interface;

2. We can include more infrastructures of this future world, such as Memory insurance company, the Education System, Career, Politics, Hospitals, etc.